Weekend Getaway Packing List


Last weekend, I took a quick trip to Chicago for a blogging conference.

As a serial over packer with a serious skincare routine, I knew I would be pressed for space. It was important for me to pick items that could be worn more than once, as well as clothes that fold easily. Wrinkles aren’t a problem since I generally iron or get items pressed upon arrival.

Curious how I managed to pack everything I needed for a weekend trip? Me too!

Especially since I am not an expert packer. I truly struggle with minimizing my wardrobe while traveling since I like to wear something different each day. The only time it’s not hard? When I head to Africa since suitcases have weight requirements (and if you go over the limit, you need to buy an extra seat on the airplane!). Fortunately, the safari lodges we stay in always have free laundry service. But those are stories for another post…

Back to packing tips for a weekend getaway to Chicago.

City Getaway Outfits.jpg

Now before I pack for any getaway, I always check the weather.

That way I’m prepared for whatever Mother Nature brings my way. And, if I’m traveling in the spring or fall, I always pack a sweater and light/warm jacket - even if I’m traveling to the Caribbean. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone to the islands and had the temperature drop to 60 at night.

Once I know the forecast, I plan outfits for my weekend trip.

Since it was only 2 days, I needed clothes for the airplane, touring the city, dinners out, and a quick brunch before I headed home. I also packed a few more shirts for the conference part of the trip (which was the Thursday and Friday before).

I repeat the items on my first and last days, so it always feels like I’m wearing something different.

City Edition Packing List.jpg

There You have it! My weekend getaway packing list includes:

  1. Three Tops: 2 Tees and 1 Shirt/Blouse

  2. Two Pairs of Pants: 1 Legging and 1 Jeans

  3. One T-shirt Dress

  4. One Cardigan Sweater

  5. Two Pairs of Shoes: 1 Sneaker and 1 Chunky Heel

I’d love to hear your city packing tips below! And tell me if you would have done anything differently. :)