Top 5 Travel Apps

My Favorite Travel Hack Apps

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After traveling abroad and stateside within the last year, I’ve come across some invaluable travel apps. These “travel hacks” make life easier, by helping us translate on the go, find the best priced flights, discover locals favorite haunts, and catch a car to drive us from point A to B. I’ve used each of these during several trips, and still using them today.

If you aren't using these travel apps already, download them today.

Most of them are free or very low in price with no added costs to use a majority of the services. Nothing bothers me more than downloading a free app only to find out that I need to become an annual subscriber in order to actually use it.


My top 5 travel apps are invaluable to my travel. I use them for flight pricing, local transportation, translation, discovering local hot spots, and keeping dry during rainy season.

Here are my top 5 travel apps:


1. Hopper 

This is hands down my favorite app. It watches flights and alerts you when the price drops for a particular destination. 

I’m currently watching 3 different trips. Prices dropped a few times, but according to the the Price Prediction feature prices will drop to a savings of $124 between now and December 10th. The app also watches hotels, but I haven’t used that feature yet. You can book flights through the app, but I like to book through the airline directly.


2. Google Translate 

For iOS or for Android

When we were in Italy, this was an extremely useful little app. The camera feature translates on-the-go, so you can easily read menus or airport signs by simply viewing them through the camera.

It also allows for conversation translation, which is ideal when you stop into little shops or visit small towns. My brother’s wife is Polish and we’ve used this with great success when speaking to her mother who doesn’t speak English.


3. Culture Trip 

Looking for the best place to grab a sundowner? This app gives you that and more by using local content creators to truly offer the best of each destination.

We used this app in Paris to discover restaurants off-the-beaten path, in Rome to find the very best Gelateria (we ended up doing a taste test of 5 one afternoon), and are reading up before we stop in Washington, D.C. The app's flaw? It isn't always updated, so some articles are a year old. Luckily, they are still relevant, but I would double check a place is still open before calling Uber.


4. Uber 

For iOS or for Android

OK, I hear you, this is not always the best app. I use it at home and cannot tell you the number of times our driver has gone to our neighbor’s house…down the street, but it is still my favorite app to use in an unknown city.

By giving me control of Point A to Point B, I’m able to see where my driver is going and know I won’t be ripped off. It's happened too many times in New York City for me to count, which is why I prefer uber to local taxi drivers in NYC, Paris, Milan and most other cities.


5. Storm Radar 

For iOS or for Android

Traveling to Florida during rainy season is no easy feat, unless you have this app. Developed by The Weather Channel, this app lets you view the NOAA radar and tornado tracker with an 8-hour past, present and future sequence so you can stay ahead of the weather.

This invaluable app kept us dry the entire time we were in Disney. 'Nuff said.

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