Momday: Parenting Struggles and Blessings


Life is a fickle thing.

After an abundance of blessings over the years, things have been a bit harder for my family this past year. That is not to say we aren’t still abundantly blessed - we have good health, food, our home, love and laughter.

All important life necessities.

Our struggles are a bit different though. The form they take is a certain 7-year old boy.


Aren’t children the greatest blessing of all?

When we struggle with our kids, our deepest, darkest secrets come out. Long forgotten insecurities are uncovered; fears we once overcame resurface; anger bubbles up, lying in wait; and loneliness creeps in leaving you adrift. You begin to think you are alone.

I am not alone.

And neither are you. Once more, I am facing my insecurities, conquering those fears, managing my anger, and gathering around my family and friends and for the help and support I need.


Yes, there were tears and anguish.

Moments I wondered where we went wrong. Times I walked away for Mom minutes only to end up asking my husband to take my place. But my clouds are lifting and all of us, together, are bringing sunshine back into our lives. 

We are together in this struggle and blessing.

Our son is not always the easiest child, but until you figure them out, what child truly is? What some see as difficult, we see as enigmatic. He is a puzzle and we are still putting the pieces together. We started with the corners and completed the border, but the middle is quite tricky and we cannot force those pieces together.


Conformity is not the answer. 

Our son’s borders have revealed a child with an intense curiosity and rugged determination to figure things out, but he is easily frustrated when unable to find the answer. He is someone whose love is all encompassing, but who feels the pain of rejection just as deeply. He is a playful friend and always up for adventure, so long as it follows the rules set forth by the group. 

And, together, we discover more and more each day.


My husband once said he was an, “acquired taste” as a child. I promptly reminded him that it is one that has grown more bountiful in flavor with age. And, just like my husband’s distinction, my son’s puzzle will also be put together with loving care until the final image is one day revealed.

Until then, we love our blessings and our struggles. One day at a time.