Momday Series: Exhaustion Strikes


It’s one of those months.

Maybe it’s Halloween and all the added scary stories circulating school. Maybe it’s the real world and snippets of information gleamed from our daily briefings by Alexa. Maybe it’s an over active imagination - something we’ve always encouraged in our home.

Whatever it may be, it is haunting our son each night.

Sleep trained since they were 1 years, our kids learned when they could come get us and when they needed to soothe themselves back to sleep. As a result, when my kids have a bad dream, they usually put themselves back to sleep and we talk about it in the morning if it’s still on their mind. It allows us to address and debunk the dream together, rather than in some haphazard whispers while half asleep.

But sometimes a child needs their parent.

Dreams can be scary and feel very real. They dive into the depths of our imagination and uncover our deepest fears. Those are the nights a hug, kiss, tuck in, snuggle or simply just being present work best. Those are the nights we are having now.


So I am beyond exhausted. 

Coffee helps. In the afternoons, I cling to tea like it’s my last lifeline. But no matter how tired I become, I will not ask my son to soothe himself to sleep after one of these nightmares. Instead, we are slowing working through them together. Talking about the trickery in our minds. 

It’s working.

Last night, he slept through the night for the first time in almost two weeks. So even though exhaustion has taken ahold of my body and insists on weighing it down, I know that I too will sleep through the night. 

And I will do so knowing my son is capable of overcoming fear with or without my help.