Momday Series Intro: Self Care + Beauty Sleep

It's Momday! And, my favorite day of the week. 

What is Momday you ask? It's the one day each week that I practice self care. That day for me happens to be Monday, so Momday. You get it?

You do get it, right?

My weekends are a whirlwind blur of activities: birthday parties, date nights, laundry, spin classes, groceries and the like. By the time Monday rolls around, I'm spent. One weekend, after a particularly hard spin class, I decided to actually listen to my instructor and feed my soul. The next day, Monday, I filled up the bathtub, added some epsom salt and grabbed a book. 

And that, my friends, is how Momday was born. 


Once a week, I celebrate self care and invite you to do the same.

Whether you are an actual mom, dad “mom”, grandparent, fur-baby mom, whatever, it doesn't matter - everyone is welcome. The main goal is self care. My hope is with each Momday post you will learn different ways to incorporate self care into your life, whether its on Monday or whatever day works best for you.

Today, I'm sharing my favorite self care habit.


Beauty sleep. 

Sleep affects everything from your brain to your skin. I don't know about you, but my skin is dull and a big ol' mess when I don't get enough sleep.

As much as I love sleep, I am also a night owl who burns the midnight oil. I consider myself a sleeping-pro after spending years balancing the two, learning best sleep practices along the way.

Below, I'm sharing my top 5 tips on how to get your best beauty sleep.


Tried and true tips for your best beauty sleep yet:

1. Your room should be somewhere around 66 degrees or colder. Our body temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, dipping at night. A colder room helps keep that dip steady (thus keeping us in a sound sleep). Go ahead, cool down your kids’ rooms while your at it, they might just sleep in a bit longer!

2. Sleep with lavender in your room. Lavender is well known for its health benefits - specifically to relieve stress, aid in relaxation/anxiety and promote peaceful sleep. I slip it in with our laundry detergent so my husband doesn't complain.

3. Avoid food/alcohol before sleep. I know, I know. Especially on those nights when a glass of wine is imperative for your survival. But in small doses, alcohol acts as a stimulant which is why you sleep so crappy after that glass of wine. And food keeps your body working when it should be sleeping. Both are no bueno. Wait 2 hours after eating/drinking before heading to bed.

4. Limit noise. I can hear you laughing at me through the Internet while your kids scream in the background, but this is actually one of the most important tips. Noise wakes you up, interrupts your sleep cycle and prevents you from entering deep sleep. Without that deep sleep cycle, you wake up feeling groggy, agitated and a hot mess. Do yourself a favor and steal the kids noise machine for a night. You can thank the National Sleep Foundation for this fantastic tip.

5. Darkness is your friend. Yes, the song had real meaning.Light/darkness are a part of your circadian rhythm (you probably vaguely recall learning about it in high school). Well, if it stays dark in your room in the morning (instead of the sun popping in), you trick your body into letting you sleep longer. This is not the case 100% of the time or my daughter would sleep past 5am. Just saying.


Beauty Sleep Helpers

Sometimes you need a little help. I wash our sheets with Downy Unstoppables Dreams scent and I'll use Vick's Pure Zzzz's rub on my chest for extra oomph (both use lavender). And, for nights I really need help, Olly's Restful Sleep naturally gets me to sleep faster and longer.

*This is not a sponsored post nor was I gifted these products. This is my own personal opinion based on my own experience with the products. As always, I will tell you upfront at the start of any posts if it is sponsored or the product was gifted.