Momday Series: Dry Brushing

My Experience with the Wellness Trend


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Exfoliates. Aids circulation. Encourages lymphatic draining. 

While it reads like a massage description, I’m actually listing the benefits of dry brushing. 

So what is dry brushing?

I’m happy you asked. You know that long, wooden brush you’ve see in stores? That my friends is a dry brush. I know, I always thought it was for scrubbing your back too. And, while it can certainly be used for that, you’ll receive many more benefits if you dry brush your back (and the rest of your body) instead.


I came across the concept during a Disney Cruise massage.

Prior to my Swedish massage, the masseuse used it’s dry bristles in firm, smooth strokes all over my body. It felt a little rough in some places and tickled in others, but the sensation only enhanced the relaxation of a massage.

My heavenly masseuse explained all the benefits and then showed me how to use the dry brush at home. And I’ve been using it ever since. 



It’s pretty simple and while I was told to do it before every shower, many wellness experts on the Internet say a few times each week will suffice. I was told to brush up towards the heart in short, firm strokes, going over each area about 5 times. She warned that I didn’t want to brush to hard and aggravate the skin - it will look pink/red but shouldn’t start to turn bright red or raw.

I recommend a brush that doubles as a handheld, like this one, so you can comfortably brush your entire body.

Do I see any changes?

Other than clearer skin from regular exfoliation, not really, but I did notice a purposeful pause in my usually rushed routine. It only added 2 minutes to my routine, and in those 2 minutes I focus only on myself. To me, that is enough of a benefit to continue using a dry brush each week.

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